One of the things that I hate the most is forcing myself to like something.  In my EBKNY journey, I’ve had to endure a lot of this.  This is NOT one of those moments. I REPEAT, THIS IS NOT ONE OF THOSE MOMENTS. Writer/Director/Actress Natalie Gee puts an emotional project out to grab you from start to finish. I don’t mean crying and sad “emotional” I’m talking happiness, excitement, lightheartedness emotions.  “ALL IS NOT LOST” is sheer perfection. In a climate such as the one that we are currently living in, this Euro-stral-erican (European/Australian/American… I know it’s a reach but so what go with it) gives insight on what it’s like to spend time with a forgotten group, the elderly.  How can someone make the elderly interesting (Rhetorical question, just keep going)? Now that she’s a Brooklynite, the creative juices are exploding.

Let me start off by talking about the main characters Calvin and Claire.

All Is Not Lost Claire and Calvin
“Claire” played by Natalie Gee and “Calvin” played by Robert W. Smith

played by Robert W. Smith and Natalie Gee respectively, the connection that the two of them have on screen is more similar to that of a grandfather and granddaughter.  On one side you have a grandfather that has a lot of energy but not a lifetime left to live it out.  On the other hand, there’s the granddaughter that enjoys being around a funny old man (who doesn’t?). I can give you the whole storyline and synopsis however it’s worth the wait of seeing it yourself.  If you’re lucky enough you’ll be able to catch it at the HollyShorts on August 17 or any of the film festivals that Natalie is submitting it into.  This was genuinely one of the best 15 minutes of my life. It’s hilarious from start to finish.  You either fall in love with Barney, played by Tadashi Mitsui, who is the out of pocket hornball, Tim, played by Jorge Luna, who uses his Latin sex appeal to get geriatric  ladies to exercise, or even the soundtrack that brings you into the film IMMEDIATELY which was Composed by Simon Taufique. I put everyone’s IG link below so you can see what they have going.

According to Natalie Gee, this film was loosely based on a time in her life where she was working part time caring for an elderly man who was on the cusp of Alzheimer’s disease.  She shows that she is compassionate and cares about an almost lost set of individuals, when at the heart of it all, they just want to live life and be left alone (If this ain’t me, I don’t know what is.)

With upcoming film debuts and premieres accompanied with writing another dramedy named RollerDisco which is about a lady who steals from her job at a pet store, to fund her underground roller-skating passion.  Like come on!!! This doesn’t entertain you??? ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED??? (yeah I did the voice and everything… Don’t Judge Me).  She’s well connected man.  She has ties to actors and actresses with some hit series under their belt (you can look it up yourself but tell 50 I said wassup!!). See the trailer below.  It’s definitely worth the time.  And I got permission to give all this information so don’t make me look bad dammit.

Just know it’s a life altering moment.


Shout me out at the Oscars!!!

Key Cast:

Robert W. Smith as Calvin

Tadashi Mitsui as Barney

Natalie Gee as Claire

Jorge Luna as Tim (Water Aerobics Instructor)

Actual Senior Home Residents as Supporting cast

Key Crew:

Writer/Director: Natalie Gee

EP/Producer: Ed Romer

Consulting Producer: Eddy Vallante

Director of Photography: Joshua Echevarria

Production Designer: Grace Sloan

Costume Designer: Emily Chalmers

Editor: Bryan Gaynor

Music Composer: Simon Taufique


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