With a small frame, a big personality and some of the most beautiful dreadlocks you’ve ever seen nearly touching the floor, Stylist Candice Renae is making her way through the scene.  No long intro.  That’s it. Get to reading.

Candice Renae Close Up
Photography: ShotByJason

EverythingBKNY: So please tell the people who you are.

Candice Renae: My name is Candice Renae and I am a fashion stylist out here in Brooklyn.

EBKNY: What got you into styling?

CR: Thats a loaded question. I’ve always had a flair for fashion. Even in high school, I always dressed a certain way but I never knew anything about being a stylist when I was growing up. I grew up in a very small southern town so I didn’t know what it was called and I didn’t know that I can actually have a career out of it until I moved away and started getting more experience.  

EBKNY: Where did this come from?

CR: I have a passion for this.  I woke up one morning and I said I’m a fashion stylist. I haven’t styled anybody big but i’m a stylist and I’ going to run with it because if I don’t think I’m a stylist who’s going to think it for me?

EBKNY: Do you see yourself doing more couture, ready wear, or runway?

CR: I want to get into more editorial spreads. I like couture. I’m very vintage.  I’m a “Classic” stylist. 

Candice Renae The Light
Photography: ShotByJason

EBKNY: Who is one of your favorite stylists?

CR: Rachel Zoe. We have similar aesthetics.

EBKNY: She has a very HoBo Chic approach

CR: Yes she has that hobo chic classic look.  I’m really attracted to her lines and her looks.

EBKNY: If you had to pick an era to go back into where you were a stylist where would you want to be?

CR: It would be between the 20s to the 70s.  I like that A-line shape. I really like swing dresses. 

EBKNY: Do you like street style?

CR: I love it and I love mixing it with my aesthetic like classical vintage stuff. I love putting on a leather jacket with a lace or sequin top and then some cut up jeans or skirt with shiny shoes.

EBKNY: Whats a style you want to go away?

CR: I’m not into the goth look. I know it’s a style but there’s just something about it that I can’t get into.  I respect those that can, it’s just not for me.

EBKNY: OK so what part of brooklyn are you in?

CR: I’m in East Flatbush. I’m not originally from here but Bedstuy was my first home. Big ups to BedStuy I wish I could move back but I’ve been priced out. 

EBKNY: How long have you been in Brooklyn?

CR: Over 10 years 

EBKNY: Have you seen the changes here?

CR: Yes absolutely I just woke up one day and there were a lot of Caucasians on the train platform.  I’m saying “Wow what’s going on?” because, like I said, I moved straight to Bed Stuy and Bed Stuy is a predominantly black neighborhood or at least was. Then gentrification happened. The rent got very high. Bodegas are gone and you’re seeing all of these fancy coffee shops. It drove the prices up.  People can’t afford it. It’s driving black people out and its not fair. 

EBKNY: What is something that you think Brooklyn needs to get back to Brooklyn because it is so different.

Im not against them putting these things in place but they should have already been there.  It’s not fair to put them there and then raise the price.  There is an unbalance.  They should keep the rent or prices at what they were for the people that were there before these coffee shops were put up.

EBKNY: I see it too.  There are places that no one wants to live, black people live there and make it into something, then the city sees it, likes it, starts having an interest in it, building in it and kicks the people  that made it interesting out. 

CR: Right.

Candice Renae JumpingEBKNY: We can go on and on about this forever. Is there anything that you have coming up in the foreseeable future?

CR: Yes I am! Right now I’m assisting a guy by the name of Vladimir Pierre- Louis. He’s a celebrity stylist.  I’m seeing more opportunities come to me with affluential people so that hopefully I can make a living with what I like to do.

EBKNY: That’s the Dream!!

Where can we find you?

IG: The.Only.Candicerenae

Photography: ShotByJason

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