Meet Dremmler.  He’s a Model.  He’s from Brooklyn.  He’s talented. He’s dope. Let’s just get into it.

EverythingBKNY: Tell us who the hell you are.

Dremmler Desil: Hello world, my name is Dremmler Desil and I’m born and raised in Brooklyn- Flatbush all day.

EBKNY Interview Series: Dremmler Desil photo 1
Photography: ShotbyJason

EBKNY: All Day?

DD: All Day!!

EBKNY: How did you get your start?

DD: Once I was getting out of high school I found a photographer who saw potential in me and he was actually a beginning photographer and I kind of inspired him to become like actually a big time talent also. His name is Dallas Logan.

(We looked him up.  He’s dope as hell.  Tell him to let me talk to him. Make sure you tell him its pro bono work. I’m broke.)


DD: It was tough at first. I was being lied to. I didn’t have much experience in the game, so anything anyone told me I was going to buy it. Then two, I was trying to be someone who I wasn’t until I found myself. I started to lose myself a little in that but then because of my roots and being from Brooklyn, like, we have that attitude of if we go anywhere we can make it.

EBKNY: Right

DD: I tapped into that and became a bigger model than when I started.

EBKNY: What is your craft bringing to Brooklyn?

DD: Well because I’m in Brooklyn heavy, I worked with a lot of Brooklyn designers to do local shows because I’ve been out here. I know what this industry is like. Its hard. I walked in shows in Brooklyn and Philly, New York Fashion Week, and even overseas but I always try to connect with my Brooklyn designers because I feel like we don’t have a voice. And a lot of Brooklyn designers are usually black designers so we need to be heard. So I’ll offer my craft to them for free sometimes and it’s not about getting paid all the time. We all want to get paid but sometimes its just about helping someone next to you.

EBKNY Interview Series: Dremmler Desil photo 2
Photography: ShotbyJason

EBKNY: That’s inspiring

DD: I feel like a lot of people who are able to help in the industry are forgetting their roots. I’m from Brooklyn so I don’t forget mine.

EBKNY: What else do you have coming up?

DD: Right now I’m starting a t-shirt line. Everyone is like “What?” or “You’re modeling, now you’re going into design?”  but Yes that’s where I’m at. I’m excited for it. Look out for it.


How can we find you?

Twitter: DreFashionIkon

Instagram: DreFashionIkon

Snapchat: DreFashionIkon


Photography:  ShotByJason

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