The Brooklyn Film Festival of 2018 showcased a 20 minute Times Documentaries directed by Mona El-Nagger, Mark Meatto and Yousur Al-Hlou, describes every feeling that some young adults go through during a pivotal part of their life.  Finding an apartment.  It’s not as simple as just looking for an apartment, it’s looking for an apartment in Egypt…as a Muslim…with your friends…and you’re considered a non-conformist.  We asked Mona if there was any fear that she had from doing this documentary and she stated that there was a little but they were able to get around by shooting a majority of the scenes on a phone.  Literally, how dope is that (Must have been an iphone. #teamiphone)?

You walk through the discussions, the streets, the apartments, the families, the stress, the fun, and the friendships with the characters and you can’t help but like all of them.

Visit them and look up some of their other documentaries New York Times Documentaries

*Spoiler Alert*

During the movie, the lead character, Esraa, is in a relationship.  You walk through a difficult part of her relationship where you’re unsure if she will stay with him (can’t remember his name) and you see the uncertainty of their fate. Mona informed us that she got engaged to this same boyfriend, now fiancee.  We were also informed that she is currently in hiding for holding up an LGBTQIA flag during a party.  Civil liberties aren’t always civil.

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