|Brooklyn Film Festival|

Friday Night, June 1, 2018 was the opening night of Brooklyn Film Festival 2018. Felt very extravagant and laid back and exciting at the same time thanks to some press passes that we got (thanks for the opportunity Brian) . I could tell you about the information that was given at the beginning, like the 20 year history, and the Executive Director, Marco Ursino and Director of Development Susan E Mackell directing an awesome team that reviewed over 2000 entries from over 120 countries, and decided on showing about 129 films for 10 days in the best city, Brooklyn, NY but you can look most of that information up yourselves. The opening night’s production took place at The Whyte Hotel in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. With every demographic being represented in the audience, the commonality of enjoying films was present. Of any category that they had, I was most interested in the Experimental category. Didn’t know what it was and honestly I still don’t but it’s one of those book cases that I want to put together without the directions to see if I can “get it”. I’m still as work in progress but to know me is to love me (so I’ve been told). Anywho, keep an eye out for the links to the videos and write-ups. I’ll try to get as much info as I can but I have a short attention span and my notebook has honey on it from me being greedy and holding chicken in my bag, but that’s another story. Follow @EverythingBKNY @BrooklynFilmFestival and #EBKNYatBFF2018 on the grizzam.

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