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This weekend, The Brooklyn Museum hosted the 2018 Brooklyn Designs showcase.  So there was furniture, concepts, jewelry, and people.  Like a lot of people.  I ordered a few things, picked up some things for mom.  Saw some fineness. and definitely got inspired.  Let’s talk about what was seen.


First up I would like to explain the feeling of these pillows from bolé road textiles. Have you ever gone to a showroom or someone’s home where the walls are white and soft and everything is made of glass and feels pretty? No? Me neither BUT these pillows are what  I would expect to feel and see in those places as their pop of color.  I can’t explain how soft they are.  Like if I got one, id walk around with it in my bag just so I can stroke it once in a while throughout the day to remember that life can be great. Ethiopia born Hana  Getachew used her native land as an inspiration for these fluffy pieces of art. It’s beauty meets function. Gorgeous.

bolé road textiles
bolé road textiles


One of my favorite stops was with Dustin Yager of Ceramics and Theory.  Not only does all of his pieces have the necessary slogans that I say on a regular basis but it’s so pretty.  You can see Dustin has an eye for magnificent things as well as an ear for the people.  How else can you subtly say I hate my husband with a smile or tell your kids to shut up with a hug? Creativity.  I bought a pin from Ceramics and Theory that expresses everything i’ve been feeling lately and I must say, it has been one of the best purchases that I’ve made in a while. And if you disagree, tough shit, with a begonia in it of course.

Ceramics and Theory
Ceramics and Theory


Nancy E. Leung of Leung Designs has mastered the simplicity of earth tones and metals.  The simplicity of everything adds to it’s extravagance.  Custom metal rings and bracelets are her specialty and each piece makes you rethink your whole wardrobe.  It kind of feels industrial with a side of contemporary.  And Nancy is soooooo cute.  She laughed at all of my jokes and with the assistance of her saleswoman, they hooked me.  Needless to say, I should be expecting my ring in about 2-3 weeks.

Leung Designs
Leung Designs


It felt like silk and looks marble at the same time.  A piece of wood thats so smooth that you second guess its makeup. This Taos Armoire felt like glass has something to do with its.  Token has outdone themselves.  All of the pieces are made in Brooklyn.  This local artist’s work has been seen in Elle Decor, New York Magazine, and Vogue Arabia, to name a few.  It’s gorgeous.



Each of Ming’s Monsters wood fired pieces has it’s own uniqueness.  From color to shape to pattern.  Some of the pieces have quartz in them which give it an added texture.  Natural imperfections make each piece a perfect artwork.  Perfect timing for mother’s day although I’m not sure if I’m even going to give it to her. Ming’s Japanese inspired collections can be seen in the gallery in the Fort Green section of Brooklyn.  You need to see it for yourself.

Ming's Monsters
Ming’s Monsters


Don’t forget to visit their websites:

Bole Road Textiles: www.boleroadtextiles.com

Ceramics and Theory: www.ceramicsandtheory.com

Leung Designs: www.leungdesigns.com

Token: www.tokennyc.com

Ming’s Monsters: www.mingsmonsters.com

Brought to you by Brooklyn Designs (www.bklyndesigns.com) and Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce (www.ibrooklyn.com)

Can’t wait until next year!!

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