|The Dream Machine|

One of the most entertaining art experiences that has come to our very own Brooklyn, New York, has been The Dream Machine currently located in Williamsburg. img_1297An adult playground that lets you interact with the art itself. The themes are not what you expect and with staff literally there to help you take pictures (They say it’s in their job description but … shoulder shrug). It’s so fun that you forget that photos are encouraged.


When you enter, you don’t know what to expect. Like I can give you the run down of what you do, what’s next, blah blah blah, but then you’ll be living my experience. You don’t know who you have to talk to. And as soon as you go into this guide led tour, you just become entranced in the experience.

And at the end, there’s another fun something and then you shop. You (and by saying you I mean me) so you then get a chance to help support another artist. img_1557

I loved everything about it. It’s worth the wait in line even with a ticket (which was shorter than I

thought it was going to be). With this experience ending on May 31st you have a few more days to get these quick to sell out tickets and just become a kid again..as an adult.

Make sure to visit their site The Dream Machine and just go there and enjoy your time.



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