|The Lott House|

So in the middle of the Mill Basin section of Brooklyn, there is a house on E 36th Street and Fillmore that is a staple of how far we have come and that Brooklyn has a history that is strong enough to last through the test of time.  The Lott family built a home in the 18th century on a farmland that was bought from a Dutchman. The land was initially purchased for crops however the family wanted to build a bigger home for the family.  None the less, they used the space to expand.  At that time, they had owned slaves and used the slaves to maintain the land.  They actually had the most slaves in the area (Mill Basin).  In 1799, New York wanted to free male slaves who served their master until the age of 28 and women until the age of 25 by 1825. The Lott family freed all of them except for 1 by 1805. In turn the family then hired their freed slaves as paid workers for the land. This home was also said to be a stop in the underground railroad.

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