|Buttermilk Channel|

I’ve tried oysters for the first time. Wasn’t so bad but the staff at Buttermilk Channel were there with me every step of the way.  img_1052Ed and Eric shucked them in front of me, talked me through it, I’m sure if they weren’t behind the fully stocked bar, they would have even held my hand.

One of the coolest and prettiest places located in the Carroll Gardens section of Brooklyn on the corner of Court and Huntington Streets is this brightly lit restaurant that seems to be a local hotspot.


The line grew quickly and the place became full within minutes but you didn’t even mind waiting (trust me when I tell you, I hate lines more than you do).  The menu was direct and gave a lot of options without being overwhelming.  There were Bellinis, Mimosas, and Cold Brew along with Jack and Coke and Bloody Mary if you’re into that at 10am (I’m definitely not judging…maybe a little bit).  I can go on and on about this place but it was definitely one of my new favorite spots.

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